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2005 Draft on Global Challenges

This is the overview on global challenges of the first draft summary, written in 2005.

Global Challenges (Draft)

Challenges with impacts predominantly already occurred

  • Poverty eradication and world nutrition
  • Constricting epidemics
  • Access to safe water (Avoiding of diarrhoe and water scarcity)
  • Access to modern energy (Avoiding of indoor air pollution)
  • Safety in road traffic
  • Safety at work
  • Reducing pollutants (low environmental toxicity and clean urban air)
  • Constrict armed conflicts
  • Civil protection

Challenges with impacts predominantly threaten to occur (risks)

  • Climate protection
  • Preservation of biodiversity
  • Soil protection
  • Supply with non-renewable resources and their substitution
  • Stable financial system, reducing debt
  • Limitation of risk technologies
  • Conservation of forests
  • Protecting and using fish stocks
  • Protection of the ozone layer

Challenges predominantly on capacity building and empowerment

  • Good governance and democratization
  • Human rights and gender equity
  • Education, research and innovation

* * *

The German version of this page includes as an example one of the original descriptions of the challenges itselves. This example is not included in the English translation. The descriptions followed a scheme considering:

  • an introduction
  • current state
  • goals and targets
  • trends
  • measures on global, national, and local levels
  • and sources.

(2005 Draft)